A Message from the Founder

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It’s Time To Evolve.

Humanity needs and upgrade. It’s long overdue. Our treatment of animals across our country and around the world needs to change. Pet Food Lifeline is part of that change.


Hello friends,

Thank you for stopping by and checking in.
What you’re witnessing here is an ambitious enterprise empowered by a highly motivated group of dedicated and caring individuals setting their sites at coming to the aid of millions of sheltered and homeless pets and getting them the food they need while waiting to get adopted and where we can, helping the elderly or disabled veteran feed their service animals.

As our name suggests, we’re a lifeline of food for pets and animals in need.

Though we’re just launching in the New York Metro Area and across Long Island for now, our goal is to get as much pet food to places that need it as possible in the hopes of saving the lives of as many animals as we can.
It’s a simple goal with a very worthy motive.

Anyone who has a heart for animals and who’d like to join us, pitch in and help, we’d be much obliged. We need donations, we need volunteers, we need staff.

We are an IRS Certified 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and all your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

What we’re doing is very needed . We have a pretty undesirable situation in our country having to put millions, yes MILLIONS of animals to sleep every year, most often in horrific, if not unspeakable ways – and that has to end.

We’re taking on a very challenging job to make the kind of difference we’re talking about. No small task here but how worthy a cause. To elevate and evolve the way we treat animals in this country.

So, ending animal euthanasia and helping keep pets in the arms of those who love them and need them is what we’re up to here.

However many animals in despair we can get pet food to and however many animals we can save from being put to sleep makes that much more of a contribution to this world than we make now.

It’s time to evolve. Humanity needs and upgrade.
We’re just being the change we’d like to see in the world.

Please join us, play your part, make a donation, volunteer

and please help us get the word out about our cause.

Thank you,
Gregg P. Sullivan

What are our lives if not for the efforts we make, the goals we set, the tasks we undertake, the dreams we dare to follow?