Cat Tales Episode 8: Debi in the Hood pt. 4 – “The Cat Trap”

Follow us as Debi traps multiple cats so they may be neutered and their put up for adoption or returned to their homes. Help Debi by donating to her cause at And join the Pet Food Lifeline at to help mitigate the problem of euthanasia of animals in […]

Cat Tales Ep. 7 – Debi in the Hood Part 3: “Crawlspace Crawlers”

Part 3 of Debi and the Hood follows Debi into some of the crawlspaces as she tells us about all the ins and outs of working with the city and feeding feral cats in the projects. If you missed the previous episode heres a link: 

Cat Tales: Episode 6 – Debi in the Hood Part 2 – “The Projects”

The more we follow Debi Romano around while she makes her rounds the more incredible and fascinating we realize this woman is. In this episode we travel with Debi down to the Ravenswood Housing Complex in West Astoria New York where she goes every night to feed the colonies she […]

Cat Tales – Episode 5: Debi in the hood

If you didn’t see the previous episode here’s a link! Sit back and check out Debi! – Cat Tales Episode 5. Debi in the hood!

Where does it all end? | written by JoAnna Guarnieri

JoAnna Guarnieri is a local writer and veterinarian assistant.   Where does it all end????????? by JoAnna Guarnieri How many times a day, as they sit there staring into the hollow walls do they hear the familiar sounds? Voices coming towards them. Some will get up and come to the […]

Cat Tales – Episode 4: Thelma and Louise Arrive at the Adoption Shelter (T&L pt. 3)

If you didn’t see the previous episode here’s a link! Cat Tales Episode 4. Thelma and Louise Part 3 follows Debi Romano from taking the kittens from the veterinarian’s office to the cat adoption center that specializes in Kitten adoptions and bottle feeding. You’ll get to see one of […]

Cat Tales Episode 3: Thelma & Louise Get a Thorough Exam (T&L Part 2)

April 9, 2016 If you didn’t see the previous episode here’s a link! After Debi rescues the kittens she’s named Thelma and Louise we rushed them over to a local veterinarian hospital in Bayside to see Dr. Ron Rosen to give them a thorough exam. Join us as Debi […]

Cat Tales with Debi Romano Ep. 2 – Thelma & Louise pt. 1

March 29, 2016 If you didn’t see the previous episode, here’s a link! This is one of the most inspiring, touching stories we’ve covered to date. It’s about a pet rescue that started from a post made on our page and takes us from the call for help […]