Cat Tales with Debi Romano : Episode 1

February 28, 2016

Here’s something new for all of us ?
Besides “The Musician’s” , besides “The Artisans”, in addition to “The Living Legends” there are those unsung, unknowns, those not so ordinary people doing extraordinary things right here in our own backyard. Here is the first video in a new series we’re doing for Pet Food Lifeline that highlights those no so ordinary people doing those extraordinary things we all should know about and be thankful for.
Here is one giant of a heart named Debi Romano ❤️ who is out there in all kinds of weather , come rain or come shine, helping save the lives of the stray and feral cats that populate our neighborhoods while also playing a major role in being part of the solution by deploying the “Trap, Neuter, Return” program to help mitigate this growing problem around our streets.

This video launches the series “Cat Tales” with Debi Romano. Legendary Cat Whisperer and Rescuer Debi in recognized as NYC’s #1 cat rescuer with her non-profit organization “Save Kitty”.