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Pet Food Lifeline is a 501c3 IRS Certified Non-Profit Organization.
Both individual and monthly donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


Pet Food Lifeline and our ability to get food to the rescuers and the shelters you’ve read and seen videos about on the other pages of this site is completely dependent upon your donations.

This was my dog Angel that I adored and in whose memory i've working on this project.

This was my dog Angel that I adored and in whose memory I’ve worked on this project.

When you donate to us we take that money and purchase pet food that gets delivered to the shelters we’ve listed. It also pays for the video that shows the actual shelters and animals that your donations are going to so that you have a direct connection between your donation to the shelters we’re supplying and animals you’re helping us save from being unnecessarily put to sleep.

In essence , we believe in transparency and show you exactly where your donations went and how it was spent and you’ll be able to see the actual end result of your donation, the pets you’re helping us save.

So please donate as much and whatever you can and watch how it will work to make a difference and save the lives of these beautiful animals.

Whether you use your credit card or a PayPal account to make a donation, all transactions are run though PayPal to assure the safety of your personal data. We appreciate your support and want to make sure your personal information has the highest level of security.
Thank you so much from all of us at Pet Food Lifeline