Where does it all end? | written by JoAnna Guarnieri


JoAnna Guarnieri is a local writer and veterinarian assistant.


Where does it all end?????????

by JoAnna Guarnieri

How many times a day, as they sit there staring into the hollow walls do they hear the familiar sounds? Voices coming towards them. Some will get up and come to the gates, eagerly wagging their tails. Pick me! Pick me! Some just lift their heads from their beds and look at you with soulful eyes. Others just lay there. Those are the ones who are broken.

So many people have passed them. They are not young, small, cute, or playful. Their spirits have been broken. These are the ones that break my heart. So many shelters are filled with dogs and cats that just want to be loved. Yes they lay there, defeated, heartbroken. Sometimes all it can take is a gentle voice, a soft whisper, “it’s ok, you’re not alone, want to come home with me?” It has saved and changed so many lives.

I’m not sure who rescues whom in those situations. It’s definitely a little bit of both. So many times you hear of stories how people weren’t looking, but somehow that right pet at the right time showed up. And it changes their lives. I could never sit through one of those stories without tears coming to my eyes.

My wish is that all shelter animals find homes. That puppy mills no longer exist. Animal Abuse is a thing of the past. It’s a big wish, I know. But with all the Amazing people in this world, who do their part in rescuing, and fostering, and donating. It is a big start in the right direction.

Kill shelters should be a thing of the past. Harming poor innocent lives is heartbreaking. Some people have lost their pets to disease or illness, while others take control of the fate of some poor souls.

In a perfect world, all animals would be safe. If only. In a perfect world.

I speak for those who have no Voice.