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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the force that is Pet Food LifeLine. If you love animals and working with people, consider lending a hand!

We rely so heavily on volunteers to make Pet Food LifeLine a success. If you have a few hours to spare and want to help save pets, you will find volunteering for us truly rewarding. There are many ways that you can offer your assistance to Pet Food LifeLine and we greatly appreciate your support.

Our volunteers work closely with our staff and participating shelters in many areas of our operations; they help contact shelters who are not yet part of our program to see if they are interested in receiving food for their shelter, they help to confirm that shelters are receiving their food donations, help with our fundraising efforts, they help to collect animal stories from pet lovers who have received assistance from Pet Food LifeLine, and much more!

It is our hope that volunteers make a commitment to our program of 6 months with a minimum of just 8 hours each month. Specific volunteer opportunities can be found below. When you fill out the volunteer application, please check all of the opportunities you are interested in!


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Contact shelters
  • Confirm with shelters they received food
  • Acquiring animal stories
  • Help with documenting events such as vaccine clinics or adoption days.
  • Help take food received at shelters to their off-site pet fosters, vets, seniors, etc.

Looking for additional ways to help? Consider hosting a fundraiser with a local organization to stir up excitement and get the word out about all the hard work Pet Food LifeLine is doing to help animals!  Contact us if you are interested in holding a fundraiser and we can help!

Again, THANK YOU for making a difference in the lives of animals!

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