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Here’s what we know:

  • The intake of animals into shelters each year is 8 million animals – half of which never make it out and are euthanized.
    That’s over 4 million animals, beautiful dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, being put to sleep each year – often in unspeakable ways.
  • The total capacity of every dog and cat shelter in the US is only 500,000 animals.
  • The average monthly cost for a shelter to feed a dog is $80 and for a cat $40.
  • It costs an estimated $2 billion dollars yearly to round up, house, feed, kill and dispose of homeless animals.
  • Dogs and cats need about 1.9 million pounds of food in shelters alone per year.
  • There are 61 shelters on Long Island alone with an even greater number of adoption centers and fosters in addition to that.


America has a problem with how we care for our animals.
It’s time for an upgrade to find solutions to these problems.